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We offer crush courses and brush-up courses for all persons.

Our training programs include; Photography, Drone Piloting, Directing, Editing, Lighting for Film, and script writing. 

Great Product Commercial

with our experience in marketing and advertising, you can be assured of a great concept that will catapult your business to the next level.

we have track records of helping companies like CLAG, Kudos Pharmacy, Holy Trinity Spa, and Health Farm.


We create great concept for Music Videos, Product Commercials, & Movie. 

dxmond photography gives you a high-definition video at an affordable price. we’ve produced content for Doreen Okyere, Ras-kuku, Life Gee, Clipsy win, Opanka, Prophet Prince Osei,  and many others,  we’ve produced a movie that streams on IMDB and Amazon Prime.

Creative Video Editing  

We offer great video editing for all persons in High-definition and 4K resolution, with about 8 years of experience in the industry, dxmond photography is able to define great visual experience in terms of motion graphics, VFX, color correction, and grading.


Allow Us Take Care of Your Advertisements and Documentaries

Tel: 0241997519


Location: Tema Afriwa junction


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